Christ is the Center of our Confirmation Ministries with Youth

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I am excited to announce that I have been working in partnership with dioceses to explore the potential for parishes to transform their Confirmation ministries in ways that promote encounter with Christ, engagement of youth in the parish, family faith sharing, and accompaniment. I have been amazed at the creativity of parishes and the commitment of ministry leaders for forming youth as disciples. These workshops and projects are based on a vision for catechesis and accompaniment drawing upon the direction provided by Christus Vivit and the Directory for Catechesis.  This includes an exploration of a Eucharistic vision for parish life and sacramental ministries in support of the National Eucharistic Revival. 

These partnerships include diocesan projects, clergy workshops, as well as conference presentations and day-long workshops for parish leadership.  Workshops include the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, The Southeast Catechist’s Conference in Atlanta, Dioceses of Altoona-Johnstown, Cleveland, and Victoria, and the Archdioceses of Detroit, and San Antonio. I was also asked to be the author for the Confirmation article written for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops:  “Christ is Alive in Confirmation Ministries.”

Upcoming Workshops: 

February 15, 2023 – Archdiocese of Seattle (Information below)

March 7, 2023 – Diocese of San Diego

To schedule workshops, or for more information please contact me:  [email protected]

The Children are Listening

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On Catechetical Sunday, I was sitting with my 5 ½ year old grandson at mass.  He was looking at a Children’s Bible and then at the hymnal.  I wondered about his experience of liturgy.  What does this mean to him?   

He asked me to hold him during the prayers of the faithful.  He seemed sleepy as he put his head on my shoulder. The prayer leader shared a petition for the catechists, families and children that are starting faith formation this week.  His head popped up and he whispered in my ear, “that’s me!” 

He was listening all along.  This experience reminded me how important it is to have children with us as we live out our life of faith and participate in Church.  Parents struggle to get children to mass, to keep their attention, and to avoid embarrassing outbursts.  This struggle is a holy and essential part of parenting children for faith.  As a faith community, we need to encourage and affirm parents as they keep children close.  We can experience the giggles, squirming, crying, and occasional outbursts as signs of life in our parishes, and pray for families and for the budding friendship with God that is being nurtured as children are close to the holy.  We need to always remember – they are listening and they are watching more than we know.