Ministry Workshops and Leadership Training – Tom provides ministry leaders with dynamic pastoral leadership training in the areas of intergenerational catechesis, adolescent catechesis, youth ministry, family ministry, volunteer ministry, leadership development, and sacramental preparation. This includes workshops, courses, keynotes, retreats, conference workshops, and training programs provided in-person, virtually, or in hybrid format.

Curriculum Development – Tom provides consultation to develop curriculum with proven methodology that leads clients through the process of needs assessment, team formation, program development, faculty training, implementation, and evaluation.

Train the Trainers – Tom prepares leaders and teams to provide active training through formation in best practices in adult education and mastering outcome-based training. Tom developed customized diocesan projects, and establishing faculties for training programs in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Belize.

Consulting – Tom is a trusted advisor to parishes, dioceses, and national ministry organizations in developing dynamic ministry.

Professional Consulting coach and Workshop Instructor— Tom provides training for parishes and dioceses to empower leaders and teams to provide consultation and conduct strategic planning processes.

Facilitation – To facilitate is to make something easier, to help make something happen, and to help something run more smoothly and effectively. Tom facilitates pastoral planning for ministry and events by engaging communities and teams in naming the driving purpose for their ministry and creating a practical and inspiring plan that gets others caught up in the vision.

Strategic Planning – Tom uses proven methodology to facilitate research-based strategic planning for dioceses, parishes and ministry organizations that provide ministry teams with a responsive plan and a practical plan for implementation.

Tom East • [email protected] • Gig Harbor, Washington